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Grievance Software

A prompt response to a formally filed grievance is essential in the workplace. Without a grievance management system in place, employee dissatisfaction may lead to loss of production, lowered company morale, and an increase in large-scale disputes. Grievance software is a simple solution that may implement a set of policies customized to the individualized needs of a variety of business platforms.

Human resource professionals have many choices when it comes to how they will handle conflicts that arise from employee grievances, complaints, and simple concerns.

Avoidance isn’t an option; small concerns may eventually grow into large blow-ups, and companies that ignore issues among employees run the risk of production loss, increased employee absences, and even lawsuits.

Grievance software applications allow management to keep track of grievances, increasing accessibility of records, while simultaneously improving organization. Security is of paramount importance, and a good grievance software system will maintain security, backing up uploaded documentation, and maintaining a solid 100-percent retention rate, so data is never lost.

A good grievance system will be clear, accessible, allow employees to feel safe when filing a complaint, be fair, and will include an appeal mechanism for employees who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their grievance investigation.

Some of the most common complaints about the grievance system process include worries about adequately verbalizing problems, difficulty accessing a human resource member to file a grievance, a preference for talking with one’s own people, lack of response, and lack of a timely response.

Grievance software can provide fixes to these issues with new solutions that successfully facilitate grievance processing, while also creating a digital paper trail, and providing increased mobility for the grievance management system. Technology improves progress communication and how grievances are monitored.

Most grievance software may be integrated with current grievance steps, utilizing logos, and allowing for custom fields and drop down menus, allowing businesses to customize the system to meet individualized needs, and preventing excess expenditures on services that aren’t needed.

Grievance software should track grievance dates and status, provide summaries, and list case outcomes. Most systems will link to employee personnel records, which can be automatically updated. Companies may import collective bargaining agreements, and then map out the individual steps of the grievance process.

Grievance software data should be accessible to the appropriate manager, providing easy access to workflow, important documentation, notes, and a history of transactions. A good system will easily allow documentation to be automatically routed to the right person. All steps are documented, creating a fail-safe system for an easy audit trail that shows all activity related to the case.

A good grievance software system will have strong security settings so employees will feel safe sharing concerns. Ultimately, a grievance software system should resolve employee concerns and grievances quickly, easily, and as clearly as possible.

Over time, grievance software should lead to a reduction in the number of filed grievances and concerns, compensation claims should decrease over time, and both management and other employees should see increased job satisfaction, improving both morale and production.

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